Scott Garvin

Scott Garvin

Regional A+E Lead, Ryan A+E, Inc.

As Regional A+E Lead of the Southwest Region, Scott brings 20 years of experience—with a particular focus on housing and project management—to guiding design efforts. A dedicated and collaborative leader and mentor, he has played a major role in designing several significant Ryan projects, supporting our key clients and advancing strategic goals within the industry. Scott’s responsibilities include setting the direction for Ryan A+E teams throughout his region and facilitating projects nationally. His fascination with how things are made and how they work began early, and he is skillful at analyzing complex processes and helping team members and stakeholders understand essential components, competing needs and potential solutions. Scott is known for his ability to stay calm under pressure while taking an inclusive approach to decision making, and his view is that a problem—handled correctly—is not a problem at all but a temporary challenge. The best projects come to life when challenges are met with collaborative creativity.

Affiliations & Memberships

American Institute of Architects (AIA) - Associate

We don't just build buildings, we build stories.

At Ryan Companies, we have the privilege of creating the spaces where people live their lives. Whether it's their residence, their place of work, or the space where they come to play, these are places where people thrive. And as experts in construction and commercial real estate, our creativity is fueled by your story. Together, we build value, build communities and build the backdrops for life.

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