Surgery Partners: Specialty Surgical Center of Beverly Hills

Completion Date: October 2016
Size: 12,500 SF
Location: Beverly Hills, California
Type of Project: Surgery Center, Medical Office, Tenant Improvement
Ryan Responsibility: Construction

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Project Overview

Surgery Partners is one of the largest owner/operators of surgery centers and surgical hospitals nationwide. After developing a relationship with the organization’s head of facility development, Ryan was brought on to perform a full-scale renovation of an existing building in a prominent Beverly Hills location. This 12,500-SF clinic is a dedicated ophthalmology surgery center with six operating rooms and three procedure rooms. The Specialty Surgical Center of Beverly Hills can accommodate 50-80 procedures a day.

We knew, prior to beginning the renovation, that the floor had issues and would require extra work. However, upon further investigation, we discovered there was a ten inch difference in elevation across the building. The need to level the floor created loading issues, which led to the need for structural reinforcement. As much of the mechanical and electrical work done throughout the building had not been documented by the owner, Ryan’s crews faced additional challenges in getting mechanical and electrical systems to work.

Despite infrastructure setbacks, Ryan worked to keep the project moving forward while maintaining transparency with the customer. The final products are a stunning surgery center and the beginnings of what promises to be a long and successful relationship with the customer based on honesty, communication and accountability. Several more Surgery Partners locations are currently underway, or in the pipeline.


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Coming to consensus through virtual reality.

Getting the finish plans approved for this high-profile location was no small task. When the physicians group was unable to come to an agreement on which finishing scheme would best fit the new surgery center, Ryan’s Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) team came to the rescue. With the use of technology and video, we were able to build a 3D, virtual reality model that allowed each user to walk through the space and experience the different finishes side-by-side. This enabled the doctors to make a more informed decision on the final look and feel of the space and, in the end, brought them into agreement. They also thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the videos are now being used as sales tools across the country.

Our VDC team also helped with clash detection and modeling of the building’s systems to coordinate all of the HVAC systems, MEP systems, medical gasses and the placement and installation of surgical equipment.

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