Catering to Patient’s Needs: New Strategies to Prioritize Capital Spend

Alena Sakalouski Johnson, AIA, ACHA, Ryan Companies US, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN
Dec 07, 2019
By: Alena Sakalouski Johnson, AIA, ACHA, Healthcare Business Today Team, Healthcare Business Today


Article Excerpt: 

Health systems need a new way to address industry disruption. What’s worked in the past will no longer cut it. Many health systems are feeling the pain. They’re struggling to adjust to patients’ changing needs and navigating uncontrollable industry forces that are placing demands on capital and strains on infrastructure. All too often, capital spend is dictated by the staff member who gets the most attention for their department or the loudest voice in the room. Let’s be real; this is not a strategy for long-term success. 

Prioritization of capital spending shouldn’t be a struggle; there’s a better way. Most health systems align decision making around one focus – taking care of the patient. When the patient is at the heart of all decisions, they become the driving force guiding the vision. But how do health systems stay focused on the patient-centric vision amongst all the noise and competing priorities? Below are three new strategies to consider...

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