Tim Hennelly Awarded Spouse Patriot Award

Patrick Winfrey, Illinois ESGR North Central Area Chair; Tim Hennelly, Ryan; Amy Huddleston, Ryan; Major Charles Huddleston
Chicago, IL
Nov 01, 2017

Tim Hennelly, President of the Great Lakes Region has been awarded with the ESGR Spouse Patriot Award. This award is given to employers that support Guard and Reserve spouses. Spouses often share the challenges of military service with having to adjust for childcare, managing the household and work schedules. Amy Huddleston, Marketing Coordinator and her husband, Major Charles Huddleston nominated Tim for this award for his support during Charles’ 256 days of deployment in Afghanistan. 

Being a military spouse carries many stresses and challenges, especially during long deployments where one parent must not only care for the children but also take care of the household as well. Mr. Hennelly’s understanding and patience during this time has helped ease the burden on our family and allowed the flexibility for Amy to take care of our family without worrying about impact to her career. The ever increasing demand for our Reserve Forces required citizens like Mr. Hennelly who understands the sacrifices and provide the support network necessary to ensure we are successful both at home and abroad.

The award was presented to Tim by Illinois ESGR North Central Area Chair, Patrick Winfrey at a small, surprise ceremony. Tim was humbled by the recognition of this award, when accepting it he said, “That’s what we do here at Ryan. We are family.”