Amy Weishaar

Amy Weishaar

National Director of Development Management, Multifamily & Senior Living

Amy brings decades of professional experience, as well as deep family roots in construction, to her role as National Director of Development Management for Multifamily & Senior Living. Amy’s incredible attention to detail, construction coordination capabilities, deep understanding of our holistic approach to senior living, and strong relationships, have made her a crucial player in Ryan’s project development operations. Her responsibilities include overseeing predevelopment coordination with our operators, providing construction management and supporting closeout of projects on a national platform for multifamily and senior living.

Amy excels at directing large, complex, highly detailed projects, combining her analytical strengths with compassionate concern for the needs of clients, tenants, guests and communities. She is widely known for going above and beyond in her commitment to excellence through process improvement, standardization and thoughtful approach to managing the development process. Amy cultivates a positive work environment and successful outcomes by mentoring teams to embrace problem solving, using available resources creatively and emphasizing communication and collaboration.

We don't just build buildings, we build stories.

At Ryan Companies, we have the privilege of creating the spaces where people live their lives. Whether it's their residence, their place of work, or the space where they come to play, these are places where people thrive. And as experts in construction and commercial real estate, our creativity is fueled by your story. Together, we build value, build communities and build the backdrops for life.

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