Eric Morin

Eric Morin

National Director of Architecture, Industrial

As National Director of Architecture, Eric is dedicated to industrial projects, and responsible for guiding his team of architects in practical yet innovative ideas that arrive at the right solution, while leveraging the collective expertise of the team and his natural curiosity. Understanding that the solution is what is inside the building, and by listening carefully to the needs of users, Eric overcomes architectural challenges to improve the owners’ operations and achieve business goals. He understands that it is the “unseen,” because it is well coordinated, that creates opportunity, beauty and improved function.

Eric has a passion for pushing the sustainability envelope and led a study exploring net zero and deep green design for a market rate office high rise Ryan is currently pursuing. Eric believes that understanding the cost-benefit equation is the first step in developing a sustainable approach for a project. These efforts have translated into expanded options for potential clients and a new approach to finding sustainable building solutions.

Affiliations & Memberships

American Institute of Architects (AIA)
National Council of Architectural Registration Boards

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