Wehner, Bob

Robert Wehner

Senior Vice President, Mission Critical

In his role as Senior Vice President of the Mission Critical sector, Bob draws on decades of business management and commercial construction experience to lead the growth of our mission critical portfolio. He uses his confident and creative leadership style to spearhead the organizational leadership of mission critical business development across the country. He is also responsible for strategic and operational planning, cost estimation, and leading design and construction teams to deliver quality services while fostering a healthy work culture that prioritizes client goals.

As a leader, Bob harnesses both his boots-on-the-ground and behind-the-scenes familiarity with a wide range of project types to apply best practices and efficient work flows for an effective, streamlined process. He is especially skilled at translating thoughts into action, building momentum to add the most value for clients. Along with energy and enthusiasm, Bob brings an analytical approach and added environmental construction knowledge to each project, thoroughly interpreting data to make the most strategic decisions. Bob sees patterns and solutions where others see challenges and complexities, helping get each project across the finish line while simultaneously inspiring impact and encouraging results.

Affiliations & Memberships

LEED Accredited Professional Building Design + Construction
Notre Dame Club of Chicago

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