Saint Luke’s Community Hospital

Completion: October 2018
Size: 17,000 SF
Location: Shawnee, KS
Type of Project: Healthcare, Inpatient
Ryan Responsibility: Construction

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Project Overview

Saint Luke’s Community Hospital in Shawnee, KS was built to make localized impact in neighborhoods outside of Kansas City that lacked nearby medical resources. Also known as neighborhood hospitals, community hospitals fill the useful niche between clinics and regular hospitals while alleviating pressure on emergency rooms. This provides the advantage of convenience and reduced wait times while providing a valuable scope of
healthcare services—often serving as triage for patients for needing advanced care elsewhere.

Saint Luke’s has six treatment rooms, one trauma room, X-ray and CT imaging, a decontamination room, a lab and six patient rooms; with 17 beds overall. Our experience building hospitals has taught us the complexities of building any medical facility compared to other types of buildings. Community hospitals are similar in the scope of construction complexity to a surgery center, including med-gas lines and four times the normal wiring for needed redundancies.

There are seven Saint Luke’s Community Hospitals in the Kansas City metro, but our customer considers Shawnee’s their best due to our diligence and service—we proactively solved issues not covered in design plans we were given, and carefully trained their maintenance staff. We overcame the wettest summer in years and laid sod between early snowstorms to help people in Shawnee get quality healthcare for their families and neighbors, closer to home.

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