Surgery Partners Valley Ambulatory Surgery Center

Completion Date: July 2019
Size: 24,000 SF
Location: Saint Charles, IL
Type of Project: Healthcare, Ambulatory Surgery Center
Ryan Responsibility: Development, Architecture + Engineering, Construction, Real Estate Management, Capital Markets

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Project Overview

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Although we had worked with Surgery Partners on other facilities, Ryan A+E was engaged for design on the Valley Ambulatory Surgery Center, propelling our partnership to the next level. Their existing St. Charles facility, although leading edge in the 1980s, could no longer meet today’s medical demands. They needed to relocate, and we launched a major coordination effort to accommodate.

Videoconferencing became everyone’s go-to, as we as we engaged Ryan experts across the country and communicated with customer stakeholders in multiple locations. However, as planful as our process was, expect the unexpected: The administrator of the first St. Charles facility sadly passed away midway through the project, leaving everyone in shock. Understandably, the new administrator had different ideas, and the design team did fast footwork to reconcile the two visions. We then had to make the site pad work with the expanded building, while fielding curveballs related to permitting and weather.

Despite the challenges, we wrapped on time and on budget. The ambulatory surgery center, featuring Sterile Core, can flex as the healthcare landscape and patient needs evolve. It features a canopied patient drop-off/pick-up area, six operating rooms, two procedure rooms, and delivers optimum efficiency and safety, as well as a more supportive experience for patients.

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