Building a Sustainable Future, One Story at a Time

At Ryan Companies we are committed to sustainable real estate solutions that protect and restore the planet while meeting our client’s unique needs.

Sustainable JEA Parking Solar Panels

Sustainability Approach

We leverage custom-tailored programs to help our clients achieve their sustainable design and construction goals—reducing carbon and water footprints, reducing risk exposure to climate change, increasing the environmental value of buildings, and driving business value. Our approach to real estate projects includes: 

Sustainable Building Practices

We incorporate green building practices, such as using energy-efficient and sustainable building materials, installing solar panels, and implementing green stormwater management systems.

Resource Management

We optimize resources, such as reducing water and energy consumption, minimizing waste, and promoting recycling and reuse of materials.

Biodiversity Conservation

We prioritize the protection and restoration of natural habitats and ecosystems, such as preserving green spaces, planting native vegetation, and implementing sustainable landscaping practices.

Supplier Sustainability 

We partner with the manufactures of the materials and equipment we use in our buildings to lower the environmental footprint of these products and to identify product innovations to further improve sustainability performance.

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Carbon Neutral by 2040

Net zero carbon emissions in Ryan's
operations and controlled projects

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The Future of Buildings

The first MN-based commercial real estate
services company to sign The Climate Pledge

"At Ryan we are committed to redefining the relationship between the built and natural environments. Our work is guided by the belief that sustainable real estate solutions that protect and restore the planet enable communities and business to thrive together."

- Joe Rozza, P.E., BCEE, Chief Sustainability Officer, Ryan Companies


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Chief Sustainability Officer

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