Black History Month: A Time for Celebration and Reflection

Feb 28, 2023


"February is Black History Month.

it is a time for our nation to educate, celebrate and recognize the struggles that lie behind African American history. Although until this day African Americans continue to struggle in their everyday lives, things have gotten a lot better than they were in the past. Many of us were educated in school about the experiences and discoveries of the African American Culture, although too few of us have a clear understanding of what it means.

Black History Month is about, leadership, faith, unity, and integrity. We deserve to have our own month to celebrate what our ancestors have fought and worked hard for us to have. For a long time, we were mistreated and were known as “slaves." Racism is still alive in America and it is crucial for everyone to understand the effect African Americans have in today’s society.

I love celebrating Black History Month and looking back at how far African Americans have come as a whole. As Cape Verdean women, I take pride in Black History Month and so should you.

Happy Black History Month – Let us celebrate!"

– Melanie Tavares, Project Coordinator


"Black History Month gives all Americans the opportunity to specifically research and read about the contributions of our nation’s black citizens. February serves as a month to remind black American that we are full-blooded deep-rooted citizens of this great nation deserving of all its rights and liberties. We can and should celebrate all the successes of the African American contribution to America and say thank you to all those Black Americans that paved the way to make our futures brighter. 

I’m often reminded of stories my parents and grandparents told of how hard life was when they were young. The lack of opportunity. The lack of acceptance. The constant living in fear. They told stories of the great migration from their homes in the south to a new nation not much better in the north. A journey to a new country within our nation’s boarders all to make life better for the next generation. I think about all the hard work, dedication to community and country I learned as a child all the time not having a clue until I was older what my elders had to endure to live in a small brownstone in Indiana.

I celebrate Black History Month because I love it! I celebrate American history because I love it! Once America matures as a nation, we will no longer need Black History Month because America will teach all her history honestly and without favor to all her citizens."

– Raymond Vaughn, Construction Manager


"To me, as an ally, Black History Month means three things: Celebration, Reflection, and Opportunity. 

As an ally, it’s a time for celebration – for the unique history, culture, and achievements of our Black and African American communities and leaders.

As an ally, it’s a time for reflection – to reflect on privilege, on biases, and to take note of how this might play out in everyday events and interactions.  Awareness and reflection are an important foundation for making real positive change.

As an ally, it’s a time for opportunity – To educate yourself further, to listen closer, to find opportunities to support and elevate your Black and African American friends, colleagues, teammates, and neighbors in meaningful ways to create a positive and lasting impact."

– Megan Conrad, Senior Director, Operational Excellence



"Black History Month for me is an opportunity to share our history that lies within our families with so many that are not aware of where we came from or where we’re going. it's also to learn and hear the many stories of the struggles our ancestors had to endure.

We get to teach and educate about the enslaved people from Africa in the early 17th century.  It also is an opportunity to sit at the feet of the matriarchs that lies within our families to learn and hear the many struggles that came before us.  It’s also a time to celebrate those that came before us.  Black history means to know my roots and how I got here and the sacrifices that were made before me."

– Carolyn Caldwell, Project Coordinator


"Black History Month means to me that I am able to celebrate all of our African American people that paved a way for me and have given me the opportunity to be who I am today."

– Gabrielle White, Project Coordinator


"Black History Month is a great opportunity as an ally to better educate myself on the experiences of others. Just because something is not my fault, doesn’t mean it’s not my responsibility to learn more and help seek change.  The absence of bad behavior is not the same as good behavior, and we are all responsible to make a contribution to advancing equality."

– Adrianne Walker, Senior Knowledge Management Specialist


"The purpose of Black History Month is to celebrate and honor the creativity, perseverance, intelligence, and bravery of Black Americans who came before us."

– Kav Mdumuka, Designer II


"Black History Month is about honoring the courage and perseverance of African Americans that were once viewed as just tobacco and cotton slave laborers who would continue to fight and build a more just America. In February, remember you can remove barriers through determination, so fight for your beliefs and always do the right thing."

– Tasiana Wells, Development Manager


"Black History Month is a time for all Americans to reflect upon our past as a means to better understand what the future needs to look like."

– Elibe Elibe, Project Manager II


"Believe what Black people say about their experience in this country."

– Elizabeth Campbell, National Director of Emerging Business Inclusion


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