Ryan Companies bridges the gap between design and development, bringing an integrated approach to thriving Texas markets

Ryan Companies bridges the gap between design and development, bringing an integrated approach to thriving Texas markets
May 24, 2021

In an industry where so many professions need to collaborate to bring a project to fruition, it’s no wonder Ryan Companies has aimed to bridge the gap between development and design when tackling state-of-the-art projects. Based in Minneapolis with offices across the country, Ryan’s Texas locations – Austin and Dallas/Fort Worth – are the latest teams to join in on the company’s integrated approach to project pursuits. Five months ago, no design team members sat in Texas, but now there are three, each bringing a unique background to the table with hopes of adding more talent alongside them.

About 10 percent of Ryan Architecture and Engineering (A+E)’s projects are already in Texas, and with staff now sitting in their Austin and Dallas offices, Ryan will now offer all services – A+E, construction, development, capital markets and real estate management – under one roof, with local design perspective that will create better, more efficient recommendations to customers.

“It’s rare to be a company that can offer all services with aligned goals all under one roof, and that’s what makes our situation in Texas unique. We believe that by having A+E services in-house, we will eliminate any barriers to getting an efficient, money-saving recommendation for our partners because our team can work together in an effective manner, in the same office space,” said Mike Rodriquez, president of Ryan A+E.  

Among the new A+E team members in Texas are:

  • Tabitha Evans, Allied ASID, Assoc. AIA, Regional Director of Architecture, who began her role in December comes from an interior design background. Tabitha’s multidisciplinary background will be critical in her leadership of the architecture and engineering team members that sit in the region’s Austin and Dallas offices.
  • Michael Reed, Associate Director of Architecture, is technically trained in architecture, but brings years of experience in the world of development. Focused on supporting the senior living team, he can seamlessly scale his approach between diving into the details of every project to helping investors, operators, city officials, or project team members see the big picture.  
  • Sam Belyeu, Associate Director of Architecture and Development, is the first team member to formally straddle the line between the two departments. Sam’s entire career has focused on easing the process between the development and design groups. Sam’s invaluable insight in the two disciplines help her preemptively identify needs prior to the due diligence phase, offering her a better grasp on balancing finances, scheduling, and staffing.

“Developers get to see a project from the very beginning to the end, whereas designers typically don’t see the front-end of a traditional development. Our teams are bridging those gaps upfront, leveraging a united approach to reach maximum potential on a project,” said Hunter Barrier, president of Ryan’s South Central region. “Texas’ commercial real estate industry is booming, and we’re joining the fun.”

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