Watkins Distributing

Completion Date: November 2013
Size: 100,000 SF
Location: Idaho Falls, Idaho
Type of Project: Industrial, Distribution
Ryan Responsibility: Construction

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Project Overview

When Watkins Distributing needed a state-of-the-art beverage distribution center, they looked to Ryan and the industrial expertise we would bring to the role of general contractor. With distribution centers as one of our specialties, we could offer deep insights into the supply chain process and the way in which real-world usage issues translate into fixed costs for producers and distributors.

For Watkins, on-time delivery was as critical as a high-quality result for this guaranteed maximum price (GMP) project. Another priority for Watkins was the inclusion of subcontractor trades that were local to Idaho Falls. Ryan embraced this goal, sourcing area subcontractors where feasible and filling gaps with our extensive national network.

The project’s completion was dependent upon a third-party developer for streets, utilities and other infrastructure, which provided another layer of challenge, as well as a threat to the completion date. We assessed the timeline and immediately stepped in to help coordinate the developer’s activities, integrating them into our process and ensuring all elements of the project were completed within the project’s original timeframe, and allowing Watkins to commence business according to plan.

What our customers are saying

  • Working with Ryan proved to be the right choice. They delivered our project on time, on cost and at the quality they promised from the very beginning. We spent very little time worrying about anything on this project because they dealt with all issues in a timely manner. The final product is a showcase that will be in our family for generations. We would love to work with Ryan again on another project.

    Tony Watkins, Owner, Watkins Distributing

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