Amazon AR Sort Fulfillment Center (IGQ1)

Completion: July 2021
Size: 3,548,199 SF
Location: Markham, IL
Type of Project: Industrial, Distribution
Ryan Responsibility: Construction

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Already a trusted partner for multiple Amazon automated facilities, Ryan Companies was engaged to help bring one of their first five-story AR Sort Fulfilment Center prototypes to life. Not only was it the largest facility of its kind, it had a unique potential positively impact the surrounding community of Markham, IL beyond the obvious economic benefits of the project and the 1,000+ employees needed to operate the facility once complete.

Over the years the 135-acre project site had become an illegal dumping ground and required close collaboration between us, the developer and the EPA to ensure all contamination was thoroughly remediated prior to construction. Our meticulous due diligence and communication set the stage for our lead on safety procedures for the remainder of the project.

Ryan was responsible for the construction of the precast/IMP exterior of the facility, as well as the installation of the electrical and conveyor systems, which required constant adaptability and communication to ensure that the utility lines, robot working floors and conveyor systems were in complete alignment at all times. To maximize efficiency and hit early access milestones, we completed individual sections to allow partners to begin working earlier.

Despite the complexity of the project and a number of unprecedented labor and supply chain challenges, we delivered the facility ahead of schedule and on budget. We also developed a close relationship with the city of Markham, adding a much-needed playground to their community sports area and remodeling their Fire Department before calling it a day.

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